In 2006 Mojoe signed to Matthew Knowles’ Music World label where they released their first album, classic.ghetto.soul. 3rd coast Anthem from that album was featured on the “Bring it On: All or Nothing” soundtrack. With classic.ghetto.soul, Mojoe introduced their musical vision. With “Dirty Genes”, they assume their roles as the most soulful rap group of their time. There’s been rap groups that were funkier, more gangster, or more lyrically complex, but with the release of “Dirty Genes”, the argument can realistically be made that there’s never been a rap group more soulfully diverse.

“Dirty Genes” was a song and album concept that Mojoe initially created in 2004, but when their debut underground album got picked up by Music World Music/Fontana for national distribution, they had to put their second album on hold to tour. After completing their obligations to Music World Music in 2007, Mojoe entered the studio to finally begin crafting their latest masterpiece.

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