James Fortune & FIYA


Ministry is embedded in the heart and soul of Houston, Texas native James Fortune. This PK’s (preacher’s kid) desire to serve God evolved out of the intimate relationship he developed in his youth.“I want people to be able to put on this CD and say, I just want to sing to God.” As James Fortune & FIYA deliver their uplifting message of reassurance and devotion to the Omnipotent God Yahweh, James is on a mission with this album, declaring, “I’ve been seeking to get people to fall in love with being in the presence of God.” Desiring Live Through It to be the vessel upon which his message is conveyed, James continues to strengthen others through his own life. “God is able and His love is unconditional. That’s what our ministry likes to do and what we want to convey.” And as their platform continues to expand, James Fortune & FIYA will continue to devote their ministry unto Him.

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